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The Winged Gods of Acatar


“In that moment, the moon lighted up the monster's face, and it was the wrong face.”
The Kingdom of Ácatar, home of beautiful creatures with wings black as night and mesmerizing beauty was located on the highest summit of the largest mountain in the world.
The legend says that five hundred years ago, the Acatians used black magic to provoke the wrath of the mountain; sending the entire continent into an era of fire that devastated entire cities and ended up destroying even their own kingdom.
Then, the creatures of Ácatar mysteriously disappeared from the land of the living, leaving behind only the ruins of a once magnificent castle. Legend say this is where the last of the monsters hibernates nowadays, protected by his own dark magic, waiting for the right moment to wake up and cast his curse on the world.
Love and duty meet in this story, where nothing is what it seems and the truth can be darker than the legend that surrounds it.

'The Winged Gods of Acatar’ by Leslie G. is a fascinating story of bravery, love and misunderstanding; a whole lot of misunderstanding.

Shruti -


An involving fantasy that offers intriguing worldbuilding, compelling characters, and dramatic action.

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